Outfitting for Blue Water Sailing

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Sunday, February 16, 11:00 am Rowing Center Pam Wall

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"When you think of sailing offshore, or across the bay, there are so many procedures, and cool things you can do to your boat that you never heard about before attending this seminar!  Pam Wall will take you from bow to stern on a boat she and her husband, Andy, built themselves. You don't often get the opportunity to build a boat from scratch.   Their home made boat was the culmination of many years of sailing in a tiny 30 foot boat from Australia around Cape Horn up to Florida  and on a trans Atlantic honeymoon.   These sailing  experiences gave them the knowledge of what the perfect boat would need for sailing with a family. You will see, KANDARIK, the boat they built that took Pam and Andy and their two small children on a seven year Circumnavigation.

You will have fun gleaning so much good information  from Pam with her stories, all her power point photos, and her  many handouts, that demonstrate what she considers an offshore sailing vessel should be.  This seminar will give you great inspiration on  how a boat should be equipped to take you anywhere in the world.  You will enjoy how Pam gives you a wealth of information on how to make your boat more efficient, safer, and more fun!"

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About Pam Wall

 Pam Wall is well known for outfitting world cruisers, consulting on prospective routes for sailing, her sailing instruction, and as a seminar speaker who encourages and educates on the cruising lifestyle to all who attend her seminars.  Along with her husband, Andy, and two young children, Samantha & Jamie, Pam has sailed around the world on their home built Freya 39  KANDARIK.   Pam's boat was built at home and then took her family “Around the World” and later back and forth across the Atlantic to Europe three times.

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