Cruising in the Bahamas

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Monday, February 17, 11:00 am Rowing Center Pam Wall

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Pam has sailed her boat around the world, and her most favorite place of all is still right at her back door, The Magnificent Bahamas. 
The spectacular beaches, anchorages, clear water, and great weather continue to entice cruising folks to the unique Bahamas.  While many of the islands are recovering from hurricane Dorian, the remainder of the long archipelago of the Bahamas has so many perfect cruising areas.  

Pam will help you to take the proper equipment to really enjoy these islands.  She will tell you about the best routes to get across the Gulfstream and what to expect of the weather systems, especially in the winter months. 
These Bahama islands are not to be missed.  They are one of the world's most alluring cruising areas!

About Pam Wall

 Pam Wall is well known for outfitting world cruisers, consulting on prospective routes for sailing, her sailing instruction, and as a seminar speaker who encourages and educates on the cruising lifestyle to all who attend her seminars.  Along with her husband, Andy, and two young children, Samantha & Jamie, Pam has sailed around the world on their home built Freya 39  KANDARIK.   Pam's boat was built at home and then took her family “Around the World” and later back and forth across the Atlantic to Europe three times.

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