USB Receptacles Directly Charge Latest Electronics


Keeping myriad portable electronic devices charged while on a boat used to require sacrificing electrical outlets to plug-in adapters. Hubbell Marine USB receptacles have room for both electronics and two- or three-pronged connections in a stylish design that's still a standard size.

Hubbell Marine USB Charger Receptacles are available in configurations of two standard inlets plus two Type-C ports, two legacy Type-A or a combination of one of each. The 5 amp, 5V DC USB output is powerful enough to charge two tablets simultaneously. It also effortlessly handles cell phones, handheld games, wireless headphones and other devices.

For additional durability, Hubbell offers a weather-resistant version of the combination Type-A and -C model that, with a cover, meets Section 406.9 of the National Electrical Code. It features an LED light to indicate power is on.

Hubbell Marine USB Charger Receptacles are available in popular ivory, light almond and white, as well as black, brown and gray. All are rated tamper-resistant. Suggested retail prices start at $45.

Contact Hubbell Marine Electrical Products, 40 Waterview Dr., Shelton, CT 06484 USA. 475-882-4838.

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