Tower Beach Bum eBike Cruiser


Introducing our brand new Tower Beach Bum eBike Electric Cruiser! 

Designed with a SoCal beach vibe this highly considered, stylish eBike beach cruiser is like having 2 amazing bikes in one.

At Tower, we've proven through the test of time that we make quality products, that enhance the lives of our consumers, and we've done the homework for you. We've examined all of the true pros and cons of eBike product features. We analyzed the eBike market extensively to separate the marketing fluff from the really important concerns. Then we took a SoCal design mindset to design what we consider is the perfect eBike balancing performance, power, convenience, durability, and style. And because we only sell direct to consumer, we can offer you this very premium product at an almost unbelievable price. You'll save over 50% off a comparable eBike in retail.