After 25 years of Research and Development, we at CEBC are proud to introduce the fifth creation in our boat line-up, The all-new Phoenix 290.

Our in-house dedicated craftsmen and state of the art hull design facility have made it possible to create a boat with such agile performances that it demands to be experienced time and time again.

The Phoenix’s untameable beauty is dramatically expressed from a perfect form of subtle lines and contemporary interior finishes.

Exhilaration is effortless, the blend of purity and prowess

It is uncompromised as the Phoenix sores once more into the horizon…only to be reborn again.

The New Phoenix 290…Horizon again.


BMW i high-capacity batteries’ technology has been proven in thousands of BMW’s innovative i3 and i8 automobiles and has been integrated into the Deep Blue system by Torqeedo.

  • Very high energy density
  • Efficient cooling
  • Robust protective aluminum housing
  • From the automated production process of Samsung SDI

The Phoenix 290 is equipped with two BMW i3 Lithium-Ion batteries for a total of 80kW. Each battery comes with a 9-year warranty and after 3000 charging cycles, you still have 80% capacity.


Torqeedo has revamped their Deep Blue Outboards to be quieter and more efficient. Incorporating the new Silent Gear Technology, you can cruise even quieter than before!

A model like the Phoenix 290 should only be equipped with the best, which is why we use the best in marine engine propulsion systems: Glendinning Complete Controls. Since 1996 when their first electronic control system was introduced to the marine market, Glendinning has built a reputation for delivering reliable, innovative engine control systems for all applications. Working directly with engine manufacturers and boat builders worldwide, thousands of systems have been installed over the years.

OFFICIAL BMW, Torqeedo and Canadian Electric Boat Company RACE BOAT

In 2019 at the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout, The Volt 180 from CEBC equipped with a Deep Blue System and piloted by Randy Vance from Powerboat Magazine, won the fastest electric boat hitting a top speed of 30 mph.

In 2020, the Phoenix 290 will be at the Laze of the Ozarks and once again piloted by Randy Vance.


The same Volt 180 that won the fastest boat at the Lake of the Ozarks was used to assist the Malizia II with their voyage in New York City. Given that the Canadian Electric Boat Company is the only company that makes electric boats that are U.S Coast Guard Certified, Torqeedo and Team Malizia reached out to us for assistance. Piloted by Captain Shane the Volt 180 docked the Malizia II at the harbor, where thousands of people and news outlets from all over the world were waiting to see young Greta. Footage of the docking can be found here:

**The unveiling of the Phoenix 290 will take part at the Miami Boat Show, February 13th to February 17th.

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