NEEL 47 – JANUARY 2020

The NEEL-TRIMARANS shipyard enriches its range with a new model 47 foot, which fits between the NEEL 45 and the NEEL 51.

Designed by Marc Lombard, the NEEL 47 is the ideal boat according to the creator-builder NEEL trimarans, Eric Bruneel and his team, who have sailed a lot for cruising, traveling, racing but also alone or with family. The NEEL 47 is the result of all these hours of navigation, configuration and exploration, NEEL-TRIMARANS wishes that its customers love the experience that is offered to them. The NEEL 47 takes up the fundamental principles of NEEL: safety and comfort at sea, finesse of the steering, performance, weight distribution centred to the main hull, and elimination of unnecessary manufacturing and maintenance costs. The boat stands out for its simplicity: JUST MAKE SENSE!

The NEEL 47 offers a new design and sporting look. The optimization of its exterior and interior ergonomics makes it a unique multihull. Its layout is thought to promote a better cohabitation and to keep the privacy of each person.

There is the Cockloon®, which has contributed to the success of the NEEL 51 (successful layout by merging the Cockpit and the Saloon), we discover the Full Beam Cockpit®, with numerous seating possibilities and a breathtaking 360 view, and the Antireflex Window® which gives the NEEL 47 a modern and dynamic look. The large bathroom has been designed to be shared and used simultaneously by all members of the family. The 4 key equipments are present and separated into a shower XXL, washbasin, dressing and toilet. The owner’s cabin on the main deck is still unique. By a large window, it opens on to the chart table and the saloon easily and harmoniously. In this plan configuration, the 270° view is breathtaking. There is still the main deck kitchen with panoramic view.

The NEEL 47 fits into a comprehensive and growing range and confirms the creativity of NEEL-TRIMARANS. This declination of the range underlines the success of the previous models, and the renewal of the range with the NEEL 45 EVOLUTION and NEEL 65 EVOLUTION












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