OneUP, the first portable ultra-compact life preserver


OneUP arises from the personal concern of Saúl de León, CEO and Cofounder of OneUP, after hearing about the reality of the Red Cross volunteers. Many of them reported that, in many situations, they were overwhelmed by the magnitude of the wreck and worried about not being able to help all the people who were in danger due to the lack of resources.

This is how OneUP was born, a 7 inches portable life preserver that activates when in contact with water and deploys in less than 2 seconds. Its small size and light weight (13 oz) make it easy to be transported and used from a safe distance; it can be used by children and adults up to 330 lb.

Moreover, OneUP is the only life preserver that can be thrown up to 100 ft away. This allows the rescuer to operate safely during the maneuver.

The research and development team always looks for ways to improve our product adapting it to different environments.

  • OneUP Totem: A pillar of autonomous functioning, rechargeable with solar energy. It has stored several OneUP units inside and is connected to the emergency team. 24 h vigilance point for public places as lakes, beaches or ports.
  • OneUP Case: Briefcase that stores 3 OneUP units, with a solar panel or connected to the electrical network. It also contacts emergency services when is needed. Ideal for private environments such as swimming pools or boats.
  • OneUP Drone: the OneUP team is developing our own drone, which will be able to transport several OneUPs at the same time. Nowadays, more than 20 companies use this kind of device to improve rescue maneuvers.

Become a rescuer with OneUP

80% of drowning accidents happen in unsupervised places. Therefore, our mission is to contribute actively to save lives and, not only provide the different emergency services with this device, but also to ensure that each citizen has his own.

Usually, when we go to the beach, we mentally check all the things we need for that plan. Check before leaving home what you carry in your bag: The towel, sunscreen, the keys and your OneUP. Keep it in that compartment of your car that you do not usually use. Hang it in the backpack that you bring to your next trip or put it in your bag for the next boat expedition.

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