Lead Boat Show Promotes "Kick Plastic"

Don’t let the name fool you! Miami international Boat Show is more than just “boats”. It’s an experience that entices ALL of your senses. It’s like Disney World for the Marine Industry. Live music, endless refreshments, insatiable dishes, Virtual Reality boating, interactive learning and a demo dock of 200 plus stunning boats. But it doesn’t stop there, the Miami Boat Show offers amazing opportunities to learn firsthand about marine conservation and how we can keep our oceans happy and healthy. 

Miami International Boat Show, 2 hours before the Grand Opening.

SoapTree Media spent the weekend, Friday (Feb. 14th) to Sunday (Feb. 15th) to discover all of the marvelous features offered at this event.

During our travels we gained a boat-load of knowledge regarding the marine industry. As we soaked in the stunning sights of Miami’s coastline and marveled at glistening yachts, we visited the Costa Conservation Village Exhibit. One of the key focuses of the Miami Boat Show is raising awareness on marine conservation and offering green approaches to restoring and protecting our oceans.

Costa Conservation Village sponsored by Costa Sunglasses, was the premier venue to be educated on their Kick Plastic Campaign. Headlining educational talks were conservation leaders such as The Billfish Foundation, Captains for Clean Water, and Bonefish Tarpon Trust. The purpose was to demonstrate conventional ways boaters and residents can refrain from using harmful materials that affect our marine environment.

The Miami Boat Show contributed to the Kick Plastic Movement by removing the use of plastic straws, plastic utensils, and Styrofoam cups from the venue. As well as utilizing renewable coffee cups, sleeves and lids at concession stands. Costa offered 24-ounce aluminum water bottles for $10 to help reduce the amount of plastic used at the show.

If you have interest in helping the environment, the Kick Plastic campaign has three small changes that make a big impact:

  1. Clean A Beach – Grab your friends and pick up plastic before it washes into the ocean.
  2. Think Reusable –  Use your own grocery bags, reusable bottle, utensils and straw. 
  3. Take Plastic Out Of Takeout – Decline bags and utensils – ask restaurants to pack leftover food in your own containers.

In summary, the Miami International Boat Show delivers from all levels – entertainment, education and pure excitement. SoapTree Media’s team had an absolute blast and we are fortunate to learn real life-application on how to keep our world healthy. 

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