Gemlux introduces innovative line of marine plumbing fittings to U.S. in partnership with TruDesign


Maintaining the bilge is probably the least enjoyable part of owning a boat, but a new product line presents a solution to boaters’ bilge concerns. Gemlux, an award-winning manufacturer of stainless-steel fishing and boating hardware, has partnered with New Zealand company TruDesign to introduce innovative composite marine plumbing fittings to the U.S. 

The plumbing fittings, developed by TruDesign, represent a major step forward for the U.S. market. Some of the major features/benefits of the fittings include: 

·Substantially improve water flow and plumbing below the waterline

·Don’t foul from barnacles, don’t need to be bonded and have a long lifespan 

·Allow builders to design an entire plumbing system that seamlessly integrates, eliminating the endless search for various plumbing parts 

·Has proven success in the European market 

Gemlux now offers an extensive line of TruDesign parts for boat owners, builders, and manufacturers on its website,