ACR Electronics Presents Ultra-Bright LED Searchlights

Fort Lauderdale, FL on February 12, 2020 – The new ACR Electronics RCL-85 and RCL-95 ultra-bright remote-controlled LED searchlights offer a range of boaters an affordable and reliable solution to enhance visibility in all conditions. 

Easy to install and control, the weatherproof ACR searchlights offer outstanding brightness and beam distance combined with exceptional value to fulfil a variety of uses, such as aiding night-time navigation, signaling other vessels, illuminating landmarks, assisting docking maneuvers and man overboard searches, or facilitating night-fishing expeditions. 

The ACR RCL-95 is fitted with 10 ultra-bright Osram LEDs with reflector optics and 50,000-hour bulb life, which combine to produce a peak beam intensity of over 460,000 Candelas. It casts an eight-degree beam of light over an impressive distance of 0.7 nautical miles (4,501 feet). With 360˚ continuous rotation and a 135˚ tilt, the versatile RCL-95 also includes an auto-home feature when switched off.  

As the lowest-cost LED searchlight on the market, the RCL-85 features six ultra-bright Osram LEDs with 50,000 hours of bulb life and a peak beam intensity of 240,000 Candelas. It produces a beam distance of over 0.5 nautical miles (3,215 feet), can tilt up and down by 90˚ and rotate 350˚, and includes a safety strobe feature. 

Both models operate between temperatures of -22˚ to +158˚ Fahrenheit (-30˚ and +70˚C) and feature UV and salt resistant, weatherproof ASA plastic housing, to protect the durable integrated motors, and come in two color options, black or white. With multiple wired and wireless control options and a choice of permanent or portable mounting, installation of the searchlights simply requires connection to either 12V or 24V boat power supply, with the addition of running the control wire to the dash mount for the RCL-95 model. 

Mikele D’Arcangelo, Vice President, Global Marketing & Product Management, ACR Electronics said: “We are launching the RCL-85 and the RCL-95 LED searchlights to offer our customers exceptional performance combined with the power-saving properties of LEDs. They fit perfectly within our existing searchlight range, offering high performance at a competitive price point. Both new lights are extremely straightforward to install, needing only to be mounted and connected to the vessel’s 12 or 24V power supply, which ensures they are both an extremely attractive solution for a range of boaters.” 

The new ACR RCL-95 searchlight is available at a price of $599.95, including wireless handheld remote, wired dash mount joystick, and installation cables. 

The new ACR RCL-85 searchlight is available at a price of $449.95 and includes the wireless handheld remote. 

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