13' Luxury Tender Striking From Any Angle


In a world-class yacht, there is no mediocrity. Every element is carefully chosen to create a unified statement that represents the vision of the designer and dream of the owner. The Argos Nautic 396 Yachting is no exception. An extension of the mothership it serves, the bespoke 13.5' RIB tender is a refined design realized through superior craftsmanship.

Unlike mass-produced inflatable tenders, the Argos Nautic 396 Yachting is truly semi-custom. A wide spectrum of colors, patterns and textures are chosen by the owner to build a vessel of unprecedented singularity. Creativity awaits, whether it takes flight as a unique, one-of-a-kind showpiece or a meticulous replication of the yacht itself.

Few tenders are as distinct as the Argos Nautic 396 Yachting. Designed by Patrizio Facheris, its Italian heritage is striking from any angle. A masterful use of space, the tender carries six passengers in unparalleled comfort without compromising ergonomics or aesthetics.

With tenders, however, form must go hand-in-hand with function. And to this, the Argos Nautic 396 Yachting excels. Powered by a single 40–70 hp outboard, the 925 lb. boat delivers unabashed speeds up to 42 mph. With sportscar-like handling, it's confident in the turns and chop, yet provides a dry, refined ride thanks to its distinctive hull shape.

Ideal for yachts 70' and above, the Argos Nautic 396 Yachting starts at $35,000 well-equipped.

Argos Nautic builds custom luxury RIB tenders in the USA. Since its first model launched in 2009, its brand name has become synonymous with the global yacht and superyacht market. Its model lineup includes two outboard-powered and two jet tenders.

Contact Argos Nautic, 1572 NW 165th St., Miami, FL 33169. 786-520-4700. www.argosnautic.com.

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