Parking Information


within a 10 min. walk of the Convention Center
Parking Lot Address
P 49 Lot 2101 Collins Avenue - Miami Beach
G 9 Garage 1661 Pennsylvania Avenue - Miami Beach
G 5 Garage 640 17 Street - Miami Beach
G 7 Garage 1735 Meridian Ave - Miami Beach
P 27 Lot 1662 Meridian Ave - Miami Beach
P 29 Lot 581 17th street -Miami Beach
P 26 Lot 1665 Lenox Ave-Miami Beach
P 25 Lot 1668 Lenox Ave
P 24 Lot 1663 West Ave
Miami Beach High School Parking Lot 2043 Prairie Ave -Miami Beach
17 Street Garage 640 17th Street-Miami Beach
City Hall Garage 1755 Meridian Ave - Miami Beach
G 4 Garage 230 16 street - Miami Beach
G 11 Garage 1901 Convention Center Drive - Miami Beach
G 12 Garage 340 23rd street -Miami Beach



The Garages are within a 10 minute walk to the Boat Show
Parking Lot Address
Brightline Miami Parking Garage 161 NW 6 street - Miami
Miami Central Parking Garage 161 NW 6 street - Miami
Overtown Transit Garage 701 NW 1st Court Miami
S P Parking Garage 1633 N. Bayshore
AAA Arena 601 Biscayne Blvd - Miami
Bayfront Parking Garage 255 NE 1st Street
Omni Parking Garage 7100 Biscayne Blvd Miami
Marlins Stadium 501 Marlins Way - Miami



Location Destination
Marlins Stadium Herald Plaza Loop
Brightline Parking Garages Herald Plaza and Miami Beach Convention Center Loop
AAA Arena / Bayfront Parking Garage Tram Shuttle to Herald Plaza Loop & Sailboat Display area
Herald Plaza Shuttle Bus to Miami Beach Convention Center loop
Sunset Harbor Garage Shuttle Bus to Miami Beach Convention Center loop



Location Destination
Herald Plaza Water Taxi Docks Island Gardens Loop
Herald Plaza South Herald Plaza North inra Show Loop
Herald Plaza South and North Sail Boat Display
Sunset Harbor Herald Plaza Loop


**Brightline Service Begins November 1, 2021