Dear Valued Miami Exhibitor:

2015 is the year of change for the Progressive® Insurance Miami International Boat Show®.  After many years of doing something one way, it sometimes becomes necessary to take a fresh look and make a new start to keep an event relevant.  You recently received an email from Thom Dammrich explaining those changes to the main floor and outside exhibit area.  To read that email, click here.
Most of the accessory exhibitors on the main floor will be moving to a new, air-conditioned tent in the outdoor area.  This will allow boat exhibitors inside to get the additional space they have needed for a very long time.  It will also allow boat exhibitors from outside to move to the inside exhibit area.
Because the new Accessory Pavilion now occupies the North side of the Outdoor Exhibit Hall Area, all of the exhibitors outside will be reallocated.  You will notice that your space number is missing from your contract but the square footage you occupied in the 2014 is there.

The Electronics room will also be reallocated since the space in D Hall has been diverted to boat space.

For Accessory or Electronics room questions, contact John Hagins at or 954-441-3228.  John also looks after the Marine Mart West, Skywalk and Pavilion Tent space.
For Boat exhibitors, inside or outside, who have questions, contact joanne Zito at or 954-441-3229.  Joanne also looks after the Big Game Room.
There are no changes to Sea Isle Marina being planned for 2015.  Your contact for the marina, as always, is Scott Cohen at or 954-441-3242.  Scott takes care of both the boat slips and the tents located at the marina.
Please follow the instructions in the email that was sent to you by your Exhibitor Relationship Manager for renewing your space and requesting any changes.  The 50% deposit should be sent to Chicago with your invoice and the contract should be emailed or faxed directly to your Exhibitor Relationship Manager.
The allocation needs to start in mid July so it is important that you renew your space with your 50% deposit by the deadline of July 1st in order to secure a space in the 2015 show.

Here is additional information that you should look over.

John Hagins                    
Booth Space
Convention Center

Joanne Zito              
Boat/Bulk Space
Convention Center
Scott Cohen
In-Water & Booth
Sea Isle Marina