Directions and Parking

Parking, Traffic & Transportation

Q: What transportation is provided for exhibitors and attendees?
A: There are 12,000 parking spaces available throughout downtown Miami and within five miles of the show, in addition to 2,000 parking spaces at the show site dedicated for exhibitors and VIP parking—seven times more available parking spots than in our previous location on Miami Beach— with continuous, free water taxi service and shuttle bus rides service directly to and from the show, making it easy and accessible for all attending.

Water taxis will also be stationed at numerous ports and hotels throughout Miami to take attendees to and from the show quickly and efficiently – approximately a 15–30 minute ride depending on departing location; plus free water taxi service to and from the Strictly Sail® location at Miamarina at Bayside. 

Q: How many parking spaces are on Virginia Key?
A: There is one existing parking lot featuring 2,000 spots..

Q: Are there plans for water taxis or shuttle service to and from Miami Beach and/or the Yacht & Brokerage Show?
A: Currently there are no plans to have transportation to and from Miami Beach or the Yacht & Brokerage Show.

Q: Will the water taxi fleet be large enough to accommodate demand to and from the show?
A: We are currently working with several transportation partners and will have a variety of water taxis and larger vessels to accommodate the people coming to and from downtown Miami, plus a fleet of shuttle buses to and from the show. Travel to the show will be easier as the hour or more shuttle bus rides between previous Miami Boat Show locations will be eliminated. Once you are at the show you won’t have to leave! Shuttle and water taxi service will provide a stress-free experience.

Q: How long will the ride on the shuttle bus take from downtown Miami?
A: It takes 15–30 minutes in moderate traffic across the Rickenbacker Causeway from downtown Miami, about half the distance it takes during the show from the Convention Center to Sea Isle Marina and Bayside.

Q: How will the show manage traffic to and from the Park?
A: We are working with the City of Miami’s police administration to put a comprehensive transportation plan in place. The City has experience managing traffic for major events on Virginia Key and throughout Miami. We are committed to ensuring a significantly improved transportation experience for attendees and exhibitors.

Q: What about the toll booths on the Rickenbacker Causeway?
A: The toll booths are no longer used and have been converted to open road tolling. SunPass and Toll by Plate have been implemented on the Rickenbacker Causeway, and there are two lanes in each direction moving at 45 mph.