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Discover Boating Hands-On Skills Training

On-the-water learning events—only at the boat show! (located at Sea Isle Marina)

Nothing beats hands-on experience when it comes to improving your boating skills and learning new ones. This year’s show features a full schedule of one-hour and three-hour hands-on, on-the-water workshops designed to add more fun and excitement to your boat show experience…and take your boating skills up a notch. There’s something for everyone—from absolute beginners to seasoned skippers! 
Learn from experts: All sessions are taught by USCG licensed captains who are also certified professional instructors. 

One-Hour Powerboating Workshops

Learn skills that will last a lifetime through hands-on, on-the water exercises. 

Choose from:

  • Close Quarters Power Handling
  • Advanced Close Quarters Maneuvering
  • Open Water Boat Handling & Seamanship
  • Anchoring and Multi-vessel Rafting Techniques.

Online Registration for these events will be available on December 15th.

Three-Hour Powerboating Workshops

These three-hour underway sessions feature additional skills training and more practice time for an even greater learning experience. Created specifically for and presented only at the boat show.

Choose from:

  • Powerboating Made Easy
  • Advanced Docking & Precisions Boat Control in Tight Spaces.

    Online registration for these vents will be available on December 15th.

Fred's Shed Interactive Learning Center

Space 1744 C - Lobby ( Miami Beach Convention Center)

DIY seminars and hands-on workshops covering boat and motor maintenance, repair and upgrades./lib/img/gallery/img11112985716.png 

Watch, learn and do! If you’re a do-it-yourselfer or boat owner interested in maintaining, repairing or upgrading your boat or motor, head to Fred’s Shed for free seminars and workshops.  Daily sessions will cover a variety of topics, and include demos and question/answer sessions.  Together, hosts "The Boating Guy" and certified marine service technician "Fred", bring more than 50 years boating and marine service experience to the Shed.

Stop by or professional, practical advice, participate in hands-on clinics, ask questions, and see the cutaway boat and motor.  It's all FREE, compliments of the Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Shows.

Check back for a list of Seminars 

Discover Boating  - Located in Hall C-Lobby (Miami Beach Convention Center)

Your one-stop resource for boating information and advice.

/lib/img/gallery/img086515350.jpgGet started in boating or learn how to make the most of your time on the water.

  • Straight forward answers to all our boating questions
  • Expert, unbiased advice on choosing a bot that suits your lifestyle
  • Local resources to help you get started.

When you compare the costs of boating to a single day at an amusement park or a trip to any major league game, you'll find that dollar for dollar, boating is really quite affordable. See for yourself how boating can stretch your vacation and leisure time budget.

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